1. Overview
The Ancient Filipino people were animists and believed that everything has a soul. Some of the spirits were guardians or totems of various animals and plants. Filipino ethnic groups used to describe all of these spirits as "anito"... (source, Wikipedia) https://anito.io

1.1. Introduction

More and more people are joining the Cryptocurrency Industry everyday. While this ecosystem offers new opportunities and investment opportunities at a high rate, the current market is left alone with sustainability problems due to the damage of the developed blockchain technology and mining to the climate. Increasingly critical risks to human health and the economy are at hand. Cryptocurrency represents by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions due to its high energy use. International protocols are signed to mitigate climate change in the global arena. Although the first attempt was made with the Paris Agreement in 2015, it does not change the fact that we cannot prevent global warming, we can only balance it by slowing it down!
Cryptocurrency community urgently needs to address the sustainability issue of digital investment opportunities. Damages to the ecosystem According to Harvard University research; “Every $1 of cryptocurrency value created on blockchain networks is responsible for $0.66 of damage to human health and ecosystem.” clarified by the result. High amount of energy used during production and Mining releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and ultimately, abiotic factors such as global warming and climate changes pose a danger to human life.

1.2. What is $ANITO ?

Anito is a crypto community commercial token built using Binance Smart Chain Network (BSC) infrastructure (BEP20 standards). Allows users to benefit from Crypto Asset training and specialized technical analysis for free, trading operations (buy, sell, swap), to staking, receive an award and it has been developed to allow multiple transactions such as locking and periodic token burnings.
Supported by Binance Smart Chain Network.
For Anito, it will quickly release projects already to the open market, powered by our existing and growing decentralized community (DAO).
IDOs can only be accessed with BSC-backed crypto-asset wallets via partner platforms such as Cointool.
We also want you to know that; Every business transaction of users reflects positively on the universe to keep climate change in balance. All crypto assets created with BEP-20 can be securely stored and traded in any online or offline crypto asset wallets that supports BSC infrastructure.

1.3. Why Binance Smart Chain ?

BSC blockchain network is preferred because of its smart contract structure, which is increasing in popularity and offers ultra-minimized transaction fees and fast data actions among other blockchains. BEP20 We know that it will be the strongest element among the blockchains in the near future, with its broad developer support. All BEP20 token transfers are also, supported with BNB.
$ANITO TOKEN will go to The Moon
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